Individual Therapy

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 Seeking help for oneself can be challenging. That’s why, as a therapist, I provide a strengths-based, calming, caring, supportive atmosphere that allows people to engage in the therapeutic or consultation process from a place of acceptance, peace and clarity. I aim to have clients feel understood and valued for who they are. Therapy is a place to not just about being seen and heard, but it’s a place where you can see and hear yourself. I specialize in helping clients find solutions to problems related to depression, anxiety, life transitions, and traumatic experiences.I offer a full spectrum of individual therapy treatment modalities which include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), EMDR, motivational interviewing, and conventional psychotherapy/psychoanalysis. As a clinical social worker I have been trained to pay attention to strengths and challenges in all aspects of your life, i.e. your relationships, work life, family life, health, cultural and religious influences, social life, etc.  I am also attuned to the internal conflicts, both conscious and out of awareness, which may be at the root of painful feelings, non-productive behaviors, and relationship difficulties.